Amphibious Hubris

Man, that Newt Gingrich is quite a piece of work, huh? He calls for the jailing of Barney Frank and Chis Dodd over their involvement with Freddie Mac.  He calls on Obama to give back money he got from the institution and fire anyone with connections to it. All while … Continue Reading Amphibious Hubris

Yeah, That Makes Sense

Really, I should not be surprised…I should just be happy that NBC did not shelve Community sooner.  Really, they have everything going against it. Quirky characters.  Mind you, not the Hollywood Quirky.  The show  plpays with stereotypes and enjoys flipping them on their head.  Troy, for example, was a high … Continue Reading Yeah, That Makes Sense

Just a Pause…

That is Herman Cain’s defense of his long drawn out, stumbling answer.  Except, the facts show this is a complete mis-characterization of the moment.  He stumbles around, looking for the right answer-but while looking he asks questions like “President Obama supported the rebels?”  This is not some obscure news event … Continue Reading Just a Pause…

Happy Surprises

When I initially saw promotions last year for the new show Happy Endings, I dismissed it as a new attempt at Friends.  Six attractive urbanite pals who hang out together a lot.  By the end of the first season, I was thinking, “Wow, that was a pretty successful update of … Continue Reading Happy Surprises