The Masks Of Life Vs Halloween

Just a brief post today.  I am thinking about the mask of happiness we have to wear at times.  It does not matter how I am really feeling at my job.  As it is a customer service job, I am expected to be happy and not acknowledge a real life.  Supposedly, work is a distraction.

But I find work seldom distracts me from how I am really feeling.  Instead, it masks it-the pain or trouble is still there.  But I throw up a false face to hide that from the person in front of me.

For Halloween, masks are fun.  They are an escape.  But the masks we create the rest of the time are to hide things away.  Today, I am tired of wearing those masks.  Yet, I won’t remove them…because that is what is expected.  What can I say?  This is a dark time of the year.

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