Too Bad They’re Atheists…

Otherwise the Tillman family would have gotten over their son’s death sooner.

I watched the Tillman Story documentary the other day.  I am still processing it..but one thing that was tough to ignore was that Tillman was an atheist, in spite of attempts by some Conservatives to say otherwise.  In the film it is amusing that when a gentleman points out that Tillman was an atheist, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter recoil in horror at such slander.  They declare it impossible.  And of course it is impossible for some folks to grasp that people would sacrifice fame and glory to serve without a religious belief.  I want to discuss more of the film later…it is heart-breaking to watch.  Here is a news story that has audio of a military officer putting down the family for not being over Tillman’s death.  Suggesting that they would have found peace if only they were not atheists.  That’s Christian love in action.

The Tillman Story trailer…

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