Problem Solved!

If people would have just looked at the ratings… That is the DC Response.  See, it is rated T, meaning the book is not aimed at seven year old. We’ve heard what’s being said about Starfire today and we appreciate the dialogue on this topic. We encourage people to pay … Continue Reading Problem Solved!

Be My Fantasy

So, last week I linked to an article by Laura Hudson.  It actually started with the post with little commentary other than shock.  It generated 251 comments in about three hours.  While some were supportive, there were were the angry contingency.  Men flocked to tell Hudson that she was making a … Continue Reading Be My Fantasy

No Post Today…

Because every comic book reader should read this.  Heck, if you just care about media and portrayals of women.  Laura Hudson hits it out of the park.

Simple Solutions

As I watched the Prequel trilogy last weekend on Blu-Ray…I could not help but think of ways to have improved them. 1.Anakin Skywalker should have been older.  Seriously.  It is really clear that when Obi Wan speaks of him in a New Hope that he was a skilled pilot and … Continue Reading Simple Solutions