I Don’t Really Know What I Am Wanting To Say…

But thanks for the honesty anyways, Dan.

Yes, the DC (Soft)Reboot was about money.  And I get it.  Grant Morrison has suggested super-hero comics are dying.  And I suspect there is a lot of truth to that.  Now I admit, I am part of the problem.  I dropped out of collecting a few years ago (hence the lack of reactions to events going on in comics themselves).  I dropped out for the purely financial reasons.  Everything is costing too much and if my option is eating and reading comics?  Eating wins.  I am working myself to the bone to get by.  I do miss comics, I love looking at the art online from both amateurs and pros.  Admittedly, I am not coming back for the reboot (I thought about getting the Morrison Superman run)…

But I am certain I am not alone.

Face it, super-heroes are fun.  They can be truly thrilling and even more, inspiring for kids and adults.  I sat among a full audience at midnight cheering on the exploits of a guy named Captain America last month.  And yet, they can lose their luster…and comics seem to scramble to temporarily stop the bleeding.  They seem unable to tap that thrill for those still exuberant about heroes and those who want something more…meaningful.  It is not that the talent is gone.  There is a wealth of skilled writers and artists.  Yet, the world of corporate heroes struggles to appear in forward motion, all the while trying to remain stagnant.

And at least Didio is honest…it was about getting attention and money.  And hey, I don’t really fault that…I mean, that is a lot of jobs and livelihoods.  I don’t want DC or Marvel to fail.  I want there to be comics that my little nephew might like as he grows older and reaches that age of being able to read.

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