Hey Man (Nice Guy), Nice Shot

Apparently, some guys see being a “Nice Guy” and dealing with feminists as being akin to the holocaust.

When the Feminists came for the Rapists,
I remained silent;
I was not a Rapist.

When they locked up the stalkers,
I remained silent;
I was not a stalker.

When they came for the Players,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Player.

When they came for the men who they got bored of,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a some one they were bored of yet.

When they came for me, the nice guy,
there was no one left to speak out.

Seriously, one of the most offensive aspects of this is that it reverses the point.  The whole point of the original poem is that one sat by quietly while innocents were herded away, leaving the individual alone without defense when the evil came for them. And yet, here we have th complete opposite.  Here, you have a person removing the victims and replacing them with perpetrators.

That’s pretty messed up in every way.  To top it off?  I have no idea what this even is supposed to mean:

When they came for the men who they got bored of,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a some one they were bored of yet.

Who are these guys the Feminists got bored of and shipped off?  This feels like it should have been a biting parody of the Nice Guy… but it appears to have been quite serious.  And that is what makes it so damn pathetic.  When your continuum starts at rapist and ends at nice guy?  You are suggesting they are one in the same.  And you are asking for a sympathetic eye turned to therapist.  How unfair that people denounced him.  How unfair that he face a penalty for harming people!  And the stalker, how unfair that people report his threatening behavior!  We need more understanding for these poor innocents.

I mean, truthfully, folks… the Feminists are not “coming for you”.  Really!  They are not taking the rapists and stalkers away with the kind and harmless soon to follow.  No, the government locks up rapists and stalkers-if they are caught… the feminists are not dragging people away, they are making people aware of rape and stalking (among other things).

Listen, feminists are not fond of privileged people whining.  Maybe if  Nice Guys stopped whining their usual refrain about how women only go for the bad/rich/artsy/athlete/whatever?  They might be ridiculed a bit less.  But frankly, when you put yourself on a list with rapists and stalkers?  You probably will get a boot to the head.

And yeah…I find it sadly offensive that I am being told to stand up for the rapists, otherwise there will be none to stand up for me when the time comes.  I am pretty sure there is a difference between a rapist and a decent person.  You do not get to claim being both.

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  1. I just feel the urge to note. If there is ever any situation in which a rapist were standing up for me, I’m pretty sure my reaction would be to tell him to sit down & that I do not want his help.

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