I Don’t Get It…

Supposedly, in a head to head, Mitt Romney would beat President Obama (As would Unnamed Republican).  But… in the Iowa Straw Poll?  He came in behind Rick Santorum.  Rick Santorum beat Mitt Romney… and before Rick?  Bachmann, Paul and Pawlenty.  Is picking Michelle Bachmann the best route to making the President a one termer?  Granted, the Straw Poll is hardly definitive…but it makes me wonder how the GOP thinks they are going to win when they seem to be driven by fringe impulses.

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  1. Romney didn’t campaign, so he was expected to do lousy.
    Better questions: why is Pawlenty out with 14% and Gingrich, Santorum and Huntsman still in it? Why is Ron Paul, with 28%, all but ignored?

  2. Yeah…the absolute ignoring of Ron Paul was stunning. He’s an extremely close number two, but of the first news stories I found last weekend when I started to check out the results? Two were about Bachmann and one was about Santorum getting a bump.

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