You Guys Always Do…That Thing We Do…

I am always interested in one are of the liberal conservative divide.  That is the area where they see all the dirty work done by the opposition, and see their own sides biggest failure as “not being good at playing by those rules.”

According to my conservative friends, when conservatives are going over the top these days, it is simply because they are doing what liberals did first.  And Conservatives see themselves as not that good at it.  They think the liberals are the real masters.

At the same time, I will routinely see guys like the Daily Kos’ Markos Moulitsas go on Keith Olbermann’s show and lment that unlike Conservatives, liberals are just not nearly as good at playing this game.

They can’t both be right.  And frankly, I think they are both wrong.  Politics seems to bring out the worst in people.  Like religion, it seems to really fire up that us against them mentality that really does us no good when resolving our problems.  Of course, there are certainly peopl who do not succumb to this (just as you find in religion).  But the base isn’t fired up by love your enemy.  It is fired up by venom, aggression and destruction.

I’ve kind of reached that end point with politics.  Where I tire of people pretending that their side has no lunatics-but the other side is chock full of them.  That somehow, their team enduers hardship and suffering, while they other side is getting a free ride.  As I said…both sides cannot be right…and I suspect that they aer simply both wrong.  Politics has always been dirty…and both sides fight dirty exceptionally well.

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  1. It’s quite true that there are plenty of lunatics on both sides. And both sides seem to be meaner than cat dirt it seems. But the art of compromise does seem to have been lost….and that’s a shame.

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