They Prove Themselves Liars Just Like a Spider Can

Have you heard the news?  It’s an outrage and a little scary.  You might want to sit down.  There is a new Ultimate Spider-Man and… well…he is half Latino and half Black.  I can see the blood pouring from your eyes now.  Well, at least, I could if you were, say Glenn Beck, who had a fit about it.  And there are rumors he might even be gay, based on a rather off handed comment by Sara Pichelli, the artist on Ultimate Spider-Man.  She said:

“Maybe sooner or later a black or gay – or both – hero will be considered something absolutely normal.”

She did not say he was gay, but simply that it should not be a big deal if he was.  That said, certainly, maybe that was a planned reveal.  But what really amazes me in these controversies is how every single time the complaints-and defenses of those complaints remain unchanged.

The big cry is that this is just a publicity stunt.  That is the only reason that this change occured was to sell books.  And I say…

Um…yeah.  That is kind of the point of any story. Show me the author who says they wrote a book so it would not sell or generate word of mouth and I will show you a man who is a liar or a fool.  All storytellers put there stuff out there to be read.

But it is the defenses that make it almost comical.  After blasting the change in race or sexuality?  The speaker will go on a rant about how unimportant these things are.  Every.  Single.  Time.  And it shows them to be liars.

Glenn Beck cares so little about the race and possible sexuality of Spider-Man that he rants about it for awhile on his show.  See, if this “publicity stunt” was about something that did not matter to these people?  They would shrug and move on.  They would not pin it on the First Lady… because it would not be news to them.

But see, for the people bothered by this?  These things, in fact do matter.  They show it in their actions that they rant and complain about it.  If it was as meaningless to them as they say?  They would not be talking about it.  It is really that simple.  Instead of saying, “I just saw the new Spider-Man is black/latino.  Huh.  Anyways, did you see what happened in Syria?”  But o, they make the effort to spin conspiracy theories…it cannot be that the writer simply liked the idea (and writer Bendis has stated that he is excited by his story options)…it has to be a dark political conspiracy forced on the character by Corporations bending to the will of Racial/Gay activists.

Yeah, they say they don’t care…but everything they do proves them liars who care a bit much.  More than they should.   mean, if race doesn’t matter to you…why should a fictional character’s race bother you?

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  1. Glenn Beck is a lunatic. Every time that he sinks to a new low, I always think that it is the ultimate…that he can’t possibly sink any further. And yet, I am constantly surprised.

  2. While looking Beck’s words up I found out about what once happened between Beck and one of my favorite bands, Muse. Beck was praising Muse’s most recent album “The Resistance” back around ’09. Their album took inspiration from Orwell’s “1984”. Beck went a step further; on his show he claimed Muse’s lyrics on the album were exactly like his own predictions of what things would be like in America. Immediately, one of Muse’s reps e-mailed Beck and asked him to stop doing that. That made me love Muse even more!

  3. Yeah…it’s funny…I am never really shiocked by most hosts anymore..>I can just kind of shrug and say, “Well, that’s them.” Beck can still manage to leave me dumbfounded. He has a gift.

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