I Confess…

I really hate certain types of confrontation.  Especially as a customer.  I know what it is like to be on the other side…so I try and avoid taking out frustration on the employee.

I get offers to change insurance plans (though I really doubt anyone is going to give me better car/renters insurance than I currently have.  It is pretty darn cheap.   But more so, I am not having any trouble with my agent or his company, and even if someone could offer a better deal, I would just feel awkward cancelling with my current agent.

More timely, I looked at my cable bill reccent…and it has become depressingly bloated.  I plan to just dump my land line.  At this point, I get mainly calls from people asking me to donate money.  People who know me call my cell.  And after researching, talking with various friends, co-workers and neighbors, I settled on switching to satellite.  I would still keep the cable internet.  It is fast and I want to keep watching movies via Netflix.  Plus, a switch to DSL would require me keeping my land line.

So, of course, I dreaded calling Comcast to tell them this.  Because I knew they were going to pitch me and try and convince me to stay with Comcast for my cable (they seemed real cool about me dropping the land line/digital voice though).  Of course, I understand this.  They are trying to keep a customer, I get that.  I do not begrudge them that.  But the frustrating part is that while they were willing to offer me comparable prices (minus extra costs like taxes and DVR)?  The services were not so comparable.

Now, mind you, I am not actually upset with Comcast.  I have had very few complaints.  They have resolved issues quickly.  This is not a service issue, and I want to keep them for the internet.  It is rare I have struggles with that.  This was financial.  Andyeah, I could just cut and slash what I get through Comcast.  But with Direct TV I will pay $6 each month for an HD DVR and receiver (rather than $24 for 2 DVRs).  The All Home DVR setup allows my one DVR to be viewed on both my TVs.  Now, Comcast says they have the same option, but it is not yet available in my area.  For over a year now, Comcast has been tellin me how I can control my DVR from my iPad!  I mean, that’s pretty cool, to be on the road, see a show I want to record and set a recording?  Of course, it is still not available where I live.  Plus, for the same price that Comcast tried to get me to take-which I will remind you, is a downgrade of services-Direct TV gives me HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime and the Movie Channel.  It’s part of the same price package thatComcast tried to pitch me.

I admit, I will miss having AMC in high def.  That is the one thing I can see that Comcast has.  Well, that and a clear picture in a snowstorm.  But I confess, I tried to just keep saying no…but eventually, i gave up and said I would think it over.  So I will be having to call Comcast again to try and tell them to just switch me to internet only.  Yuck.  I am not looking forward to it.

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  1. Hi there!

    I work for Comcast. I can check with my local contacts to check the availability of the other services you mentioned here. I can also check for the best possible pricing option for you that includes, cable, internet and telephone. Would you be interested? Feel free to contact me.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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