So, the Catholic Church is full of people speaking out about New York legalizing gay marriage.  They are declaring Catholic institutions should not allow those who voted yes into Catholic schools and so on.   And they are not alone.  Various “pro-family groups” are outraged.

But what really stands out to me is the language.  They seem certain that the legalization somehow spells out the end of heterosexual marriage.  Somehow, allowing gay people to marry wih obliterate heterosexual marriage.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio called New York’s passage of gay marriage “another ‘nail in the coffin’ of marriage.”   This is not uncommon, anytime there is a finding in favor of gay rights and gay marriage it signals the death nell for marriage.  And yet, without fail, these people making these proclamations, are Christians.  Okay, maybe a couple are Jewish and Muslim or two.  But the point is, these are all folks with a firm belief that God had one plan for marriage, and that it be for a one man and one woman.  God, who is stronger than any human institution, who creates unbreakable bonds.  Yet, his powerful institution of opposite marriage can be brought down-nay-KILLED by the legalization of gay marriage.

How does that work?!

If God is love, and true love casts out all fear?  Why are these folks so damned afraid?!


(Especially considering all the states that have legalized gay marriage or civil unions did not burn to the ground in a hale of fire from the heavens)

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