It’s Just Not Fair to Call a Bully a Bully!

So, you may have heard about the latest Mark Driscoll controversy.  Pastor Mark Driscoll made a rather “flippant” comment on his Facebook page asking:

So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you’ve ever personally witnessed?

Blogger and author Rachel Held Evans took him to task for being a bully and contacted the Mars Hill church.  What ensued stunned me.  People complained that she called him a bully.  How… unfair?  People denounced her use of the “buzzword”.  Bullying, of course is a very real and painful situation for people.  And bullies use the exact language Driscoll was so willing to use so flippantly (his words).

People tried to suggest that maybe he just is sincerely concerned about the growing effeminate aspect of the church.  And you know what?  I wonder what the difference is.  Most bullies are sincere, folks.  Really, the masculinity cult in the Evangelical Church is so beyond tired.

Let’s not forget the bigger picture here.  Mark Driscoll is a forty year old ordained pastor, leading a church-and enjoys star status no less-who acts like he is in Junior High.  And people are wondering who some blogger is to challenge him?  Talk about your misplaced priorities.  People are holding Rachel Held Evans to a higher standard than a pastor?  Sorry folks, Pastor’s should not get more leniency than a blogger.  One person even said The Bible suggests pastors are held to a higher level of accountability than the rest of us…  So I hate to break it to Mark’s defenders- Pastors are not above or to be shielded from criticism.  Their word is not law…and people who don’t attend their churches have every right to express concerns about the damage a particular pastor is doing.

But as so many seem to have a problem with the use of the “PC” word “Bully”…why don’t we just call Mark what he is?


There, problem solved and we can all be happy.

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