A Quickie Cap Review

I had a great time watching Captain America.  It’s fun and a nice throwback to a simpler type of hero.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my angsty heroes…but it was nice to see a character not driven by massive inner turmoil.  The updated the character of Bucky nicelt.  Evans did … Continue Reading A Quickie Cap Review

Spider-Man, The Amazing

So, here is the official trailer.  Sure looks like a reboot.   Here is a guy who seems to have the same problems with Transformers 3 as me.

So, Uh…Seriously?

Transformers: Dark of the Moon was number one for the third week in a row? Movie critics everywhere are slitting their writsts as I type. I loved this review.  Though the comments trying to defend the film make my brain hurt.

When You Put Fools Into Office…

To all those Republicans who talk about welcoming a government shutdown: You’re incompetant.  And just because you are incompetant does not mean we the people should pay the price. I am starting to think we might be witness to the shortest shellacking our nation has seen in a long time.