It’s a Choice

A common claim rom conservative religious people regarding the issue of gay rights is that they do not really exist.  People choose to be gay.  Which makes me wonder.  What exactly do conservative religious people think religion is?

Are you “born” your religion?  Do people struggle with, say not wanting to be Christian?  Getting sent to Conversion Camps because their parents want to cure them of their Christianity?  Are Christian kids in America committing suicide because they are taunted for their religion?  Bullied because they are Christian and therefore different?  Do Christian kids get told they cannot attend prom-because their religion is unnatural?  And then when that prom is reinstituted-do the other kids and their parents hold a secret prom?

Religion is a choice.  You choose it-it doesn’t choose you.  But I don’t see conservative religious people arguing that they should not be getting special treatment.  Gay rights are as fictional as religious rights…and of the two?  Only one is chosen (hint: It ain’t homosexuality).

Amusingly related.

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