A Whole Fifteen Years of Marriage

So, apparently, comics scribe Kurt Busiek is in favor of doing away with the Lane-Kent Marriage.  For those out of the comics loops, Superman and Lois lane have been married for about a decade and a half.  Recently, DC Comics announced they were rebooting the entire line (though, a bit of a soft reboot, as some recent developements like Batman Incorporated will still be in place).  In an attempt to fix continuity issues, they are starting sort of fresh.

According to Busiek, we’ve had married Superman for about fifteen years and so it time for a new and fresh take.  In other words, return Superman to the single status that people only saw for a brief sixty years before the seemingly eternal fifteen years of marriage.

The truth is, I am not interested in a erturn to that status quo.  To see Superman trying to keep his identity a secret from Lois, trying to win her over as Clark Kent and her swooning over Superman?  Those were not good times, especially if you are Lois Lane.  No matter how you slice it, that scenario short changes Lois Lane and makes Clark a bit of a jerk, actively deceiving Lois (and often making her look like the fool in attempts to prove himself two different people).

Returning to the flawed status quo we got for sixty years hardly seems like an innovative take on Superman.  But I fear it is inevitable, as nostalgia seems to still have it’s tight grip in the Superhero comics world.

(This is admittedly, hypothetical, as I belief DC has not stated yet whether the Lane-Kent marriage is going to be dissolved in their upcoming Universal reboot)

(Edited to correctly attribute the inspiration to Kurt Busiek, who made the comments on Twitter)

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  1. I wonder if the Clark?Lois marriage question is more of a trial balloon, sent up by DC. If that is the case, then I think that most of the response has been negative. Very very negative. Did we learn NOTHING from the debacle of “One More Day” over at Marvel?

    Pissing off your loyal customers may get you some buzz in the short run, but people have long memories.

  2. I’m definitely hoping it was a testing the waters thing. I actually feel like Clark hiding he is Superman from the woman he is supposedly in love with counts as a moral flaw in the character. It is one of the primary reason the Superdickery website had so much material to work with. Clark ultimitely has to play Lois for a fool.

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