Okay…that title is a bit misleading.  Recently, Ojo Taylor, of the band Undercover openly expressed a change in his life.  After decades and a lifetime of the Christian faith, he has become an agnostic of sorts.  I only phrase it this way because Ojo is not stating there is definitely … Continue Reading GIRLS!

It’s a Choice

A common claim rom conservative religious people regarding the issue of gay rights is that they do not really exist.  People choose to be gay.  Which makes me wonder.  What exactly do conservative religious people think religion is? Are you “born” your religion?  Do people struggle with, say not wanting … Continue Reading It’s a Choice

I Don’t Get It…

So, Reince Priebus and numberous Republicans (and yeah, some Democrats) feel Anthony Weiner should step down for sending lewd photos to adult wmoen.  But David Vitter should get to go on as a family values rock star after using prostitutes?  Yeah.  That makes sense.