It’s The End of the World…

So, no rapture happened.  But it got me thinking about all those people who claim Jesus is coming back in their lifetime.  They just know it.  I have been trying to figure out things like, how are they really different from any other date setter?  Just because they are vague about it?

I saw a question about “Pre or Post Trib rapture” recently.  For the unsure, in the whole End of the World Scenario that some, but not all, Christians believe in there is the Tribulation.  This is several years of horror and plagues.  To those who believe in this scenario, there is debate over the rapture.  Will Christians be raptured before or after “the Great Tribulation.”  If I had a stake in that argument (as I don’t really believe either are right)?  I would say post trib.  Those who defend the pre-trib (such as Tim LeHaye) argue that God’s nature would preclude him from allowing his people to go through such calamity.

To which I say “Bull Puckey”.  The God who allowed his followers to be fed to lions, be raped, to be torture, to be murdered, to be starved…suddenly gets squeamish at the end?  No, God’s character, based on the Bible and the 2,000 years post Jesus would argue that God will let his people suffer through the “Great Tribulation.”

I am kind of disappointment my parents weren’t raptured.  Because I figured I would move into their house.

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  1. I consider this whole Rapture thing, to be the creation of the Old Testament, mainly because God was one crazy sob in that particular part of the bible. He calmed down a bit in the New Testament.

    I’m feeling a little sorry for all those people who gave away their cars and quit their jobs. On the other hand, condemning the world to death and destruction just so that YOU can ascend to Heaven smacks of being just a tad on the selfish side.

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