Okay-I Am Confused

All I ever hear from the anti-gay marriage side is how they are okay with civil unions.  They just don’t want gays to be allowed to be married.  Yet, attempts at a civil unions (and gay marriage) in Indiana are going on.  In Colorado?  Groups are meeting to protest a … Continue Reading Okay-I Am Confused

When Media Attacks

So, as I said, I recently read a book called Bring Her Down by Gina Dalfonzo. It is a study into the media response to Former Gov. Sarah Palin.  I believe I mentioned it was a tough read.  This is not because it was poorly written.  Contrary to that, it … Continue Reading When Media Attacks

An Easy Mess

I finally got around to watching Easy A.  I had high hopes of it being a clever teen comedy in the 10 Things I Hate About You Vein.  It starred Emma Stone, who seems to be able to brighten up the lamest of films.  It was a fresh take on … Continue Reading An Easy Mess


To all those people who send out racist e-mails and jokes. Since you folks always defend that you are not racist, and you have black friends to back that up…my advice is this:  Check with those black friends before e-mailing.  You could save yuorself a lot of grief. BONUS ADVICE:  … Continue Reading Advice