Only Gay People Have a Bias…

At least, that is how it seems.  Opponents of gay marriage have declared that Judge Vaughn Walker basically cannot be trusted.  This has come up before, as Judge Walker is gay.  And he found the California Prop 8 law to be unconstitutional and overturned it.  Of course, if he had been heterosexual the problem would be something else, I am sure.  The only way they would see his gayness as a credit is if he found in their favor on prop 8.

But it has been declared by those who oppose gay marriage that only heterosexuals can make decisions regarding gay marriage.  As if it is something we grant to the gay community.  It’s as if we should accept that only a heterosexual could make an impartial call on gay marriage.  But if the heterosexual supported gay marriage, that would be a problem for gay marriage opponents as well.

As if a married heterosexual who supports in DOMA would be unbiased.

The fact is, the Judge’s sexuality is not relevant.  But the Gay Marriage Opposition knows they have a fight that is not only growing more and more unpopular…but little actual support to stand on.  So they are grasping at straws to try and gain some ground back.

Hopefully, Prop 8 will remain struck down.  But clearly, we will have to put up with weak arguments against those challenging the decision for awhile yet to come.

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