I Really Do Not Know What He Is Trying to Prove

You know… Idiot Pastor Terry Jones.  Apparently, burning the Quran was not enough.  Now he wants to hang Mohammad in effigy.  I am really confused at what his goal is.  To prove that there are some extremists who react violently to people defacing their holy books and icons?  Gee, I was not aware that this was actually in question.  Certainly not after his last little stunt.  What is he attempting to prove we do not already know-other than incite folks?  Since when is inciting folks just because you can a “noble” act?  He’s not saving or helping people-and for someone claiming the role of pastor?  Inciting people to violence?  Seems like a poor way to spend your time.  Unless you are a comedian.  Than it is pretty much “your job”.

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