I Did Not Know That…

According to some people?  Copyright infringement and fraud is a legitimate career.

In the responses is this reply from some guy named Chris Wall-though many suspect it is Rob Granito himself:

so whose going to support his family now that they decided they had a power to take away his in come. answer me that ty they have no rights to tell a profesional to not come back unless they are oweing his family dinner on theyre tables the dude makes one little mistake you want to crucofy him its crazy well his childrens future are on youre heads and the bullys in the comics fields

I did not change a thing.  Seriously.  The industry is full of bullies because it seems they have effectively cut off a guy who was bilking consumers and stealing art by other folks to pass off as his own.  He was robbing both the artist and the buyer.  And then he concocted a work history in comics that included the claims he did Calvin and Hobbes art for a stamp.  Ripping off Watterson alone should be grounds for being banned from conventions… to top it off?  He tried to capitalized on Dwayne McDuffie’s death.  Seriously…that is low…

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