Dilbert’s Guide To Women

There really is not much to say in regards to Scott Adams recent rant that is not covered in Laura Hudson’s effective takedown found here.

What amuses me is that three comments in, the only defense of Adams is not really a defense I would welcome if I were in his place.  See, Mike goes after Laura (Hudson, Comics Alliance EIC) with a precise and hard to counter attack.  First, He criticizes her for not being familiar with Adams or Dilbert.  Mind you, nothing in Addams rant was about Dilbert.  It was not taken out of the context of a satirical comic strip.  This was a blog post he wrote.  Nobody has to be familiar with Dilbert the strip to address what Scott Adams said.

His second mode of attack?  “Laura can’t get a man!”  Okay, not entirely true, first he allows that she might have found a guy to marry her…but he must be miserable.  Then he launches into “you can’t get a man.”

With friends like that?  Adams sure don’t need enemies to invalidate his side of this.

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  1. He’s post hoc claiming provocateur notintheface… the original post was an honest post that he did b/c MRAs asked him to write about Men’s Rights and the oppression of men by women in society… NOW he’s claiming it was a brilliant plan of his all along (along with deleting his post and flouncing.. ALL PART OF THE PLAN) xD

    Thom: the Trollbert defenders are even more pathetic than Trollbert himself xD>_>;; i just laugh at them tho… after all, according to MRAs, as a woman I have the greatest life in the world, why should I care about what they say, the matriarchy rules all and they have no actual power right? xD

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