Here We Go Again

Except, I find myself troubled that I am standing next to many a Republican.  Where were all these conscientious anti-war Republicans in 2002-2008?

I’m not crazy that we jumped into yet another combat situation over the weekend.  And I have reservations and disagreements with it, just as I did in the Bush years.  To put it politely, it is “problematic.”  This is humanitarian in nature.  And already we are seeing calls for military intervention in Bahrain.  Where does it end?

We cannot run after every despot, and few if any are threats to America.  The current administration is hovering far to close to the previous administration’s approach.  We need to respect our military, bringing them home quickly.  We need to alter spending-getting into more combat is not the resolution there.  We need a revolution in thinking that does not make us the “world’s policeman”.

So, I am disappointed with the actions over the weekend.  I want better from this administration.  But, the other option last election has spent the last two years flying off the rails, proving they would not have been viable leading the country to deal with these issues.  And there has yet to be a single candidate that looks reasonable to compete with the President.  Pretty much every name put forth makes my pen move back to the Barack Obama.

So, yeah.  It would have been nice if the President had stood closer to his more careful war stance of the presidential campaign.  He didn’t.  And yeah, firing rockets may not be “sending in ground troops”-but it’s still entering a war.

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