You Just Know ABC Will Pull the Plug…

With a major cliffhanger like tonight’s V season finale had.

Spoilers ahead:

Seriously…Ryan killed by his own daughter, who is more and more like Anna.  They “fridged” Tyler for the sake of Lisa and Erica’s character development… how rare.  The death of Diana was a surprise, but at least they let us see that her intentions were, in fact, benevolent.  She truly was of peace.

The reveal of Erica’s close friends and cohorts in the FBI as part of a larger resistance was nice-they were played up as seeming like (at best) V stooges.  Marc Singer’s reveal was nice.  And the moment of blissing the earth, the reveal of Jack looking longingly at the heavens? Slick.

Overall, I am pleased with V, and felt season two was pretty strong.  And the motive-that the V’s are here to harvest our DNA actually beats the originals “They are here to take our water and people for food” plot.  They have dealt with some interesting ideas…and I suspect the inevitable cancellation (along with another show I am enjoying, No Ordinary Family) by ABC is coming sooner than later.  It’s really to bad…I would like to see how  third season played out.

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