I’m Devastated

So…here are the five finalists.


You will notice I am not among them. I am a bit disappointed that all five are some kind industry vet. Simon Rex is an actor, Peter Rosenberg is a New York radio personality, Diane Mizota a reporter and actress, Jesse Csincsak is an extreme sports guy and Dave Peck is a social media strategist.

The truth is, I am not really devastated.  I didn’t expect to make it into the top five, but it would have been nice to see at least a couple people who didn’t already have media connections.  To see a couple people who weren’t established industry veterans be given a shot.  That’s part of the fun of a contest like this.  Instead, we got industry people.

I am almost stunned with the lack of creativity in the videos (okay, Rex at least did something a little different)…but I felt like most of the jokes fell flat in the winning videos. I laughed at a couple jokes-but overall? They were incredibly simple.  But what I clearly was missing was the Pop Chips mention.  With the exception of Mizota (who makes a quick comment at the end of her video) everyone made their videos about pop chips. Oh, and Csincsak showed off how many celebrities he has met.  I never even made a remote mention of Pop Chips.  And apparently that’s what voters and the judges (three finalists were chosen based on votes, two by a Pop Chips panel that included Ashton Kutcher) wanted.  So, I am throwing my support behind Diane Mizota.

Oh well…I tried. Thanks for voting for me folks!

Posted in: Pop Culture

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