First Trying to Change The Definition of Rape… Now This?

Voting in favor with cutting the funding to Planned Parenthood is outrageous.  It suggests an agenda other than what the Republicans ran on.  They are not voting to cut funding to abortions, but rather funding to medical care, pregnancy help, birth control, etc.  And the defense seems to be the Lila Rose videos.  Videos where every Planned Parenthood employee but one followed the law as they should have.  And that one person was fired.  And yet, so-called “Pro-Life” groups want these dishonest videos used as evidence to take down Planned Parenthood.  Crap like this is what drove me from the supposed “Pro-Life” movement.

Hey, Republicans…why don’t you put this effort into the economy and jobs instead of trying to take away protection and health options for women?

Posted in: Bizarre, Politics

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