A Few Thoughts On The Rape Of Lara Logan

First off?  It was brutal.  My sympathies to her and her loved ones.

Second…rape jokes?  No thanks.  I’ve previously complained about “You raped my childhood (and it bears repeating… someone making a crappy movie based on your favorite stupid toy from childhood?  George Lucas making changes to the first Star Wars Trilogy?  Not equivalent to rape).  Making light of hypothetical rape is bad enough.  Making light of a rape that happened?  Not funy.  “I was only kidding” doesn’t excuse the fact that you are clearly an asshat.

Third?  References to her looks?  Not relevant.  Makes you a bit of an asshat.

Fourth?  Polls asking stupid questions like “was it her fault”?  ALSO MAKES YOU AN ASSHAT.

Fifth?  This act is not a reflection of Egypt/the Middle East.  It is a reflection of the men who attacked her.  Men have raped women celebrating wins of favorite sports teams in America.  American soldiers have raped women.  This suggests patriarchal systems educate men to view women as property to use.  But it says nothing unique about Egypt/the Middle East.

Sixth?  If you want to protest the fact that the rape of non-celebrities and minority women is largely ignored by the media?  It can be done without belittling a rape victim.  A story about a woman being raped is also not the appropriate place to air your dissatisfaction with other things you feel said woman is guilty of.  It suggests you are an asshat.  Don’t be one.

And finally?  The most useless thing you can do for a rape victim?  Offer advice on how they could have avoided being raped.  Blaming the victim is not helping her.   (See: You are an asshat)

(Maybe I should have title this “You Might Be An Asshat…”)

(A good rundown of the reactions can be found here)

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