Direct Problems…

I’ve always been fascinated by the sharply divided lines in the “Cable/Satellite” battles.  I have had family and friends express extreme frustration with, say, Comcast (the local cable provider in my area).  Whether it was a billing error, an outage or their DVR didn’t work, or whatever, they despise the cable provider.  When the opportunity came they switched to satellite-usually Direct TV.  After all, Direct TV is cheaper and you get all the same basic features.

Now, my experience with satellite is limited.  But I do know this much… anytime I have been somewhere that has satellite and there is inclement weather?  Audio and picture both drop out regularly.  It turns out though, as much as people complain about Comcast?  They complain about Direct TV more.  A lot more.

As an aside, the most annoying part of any discussion when it comes to television are the smug anti-TV people who proudly tell you how you “should” watch TV.  The first comment on that article is someone saying, “TV sucks, you should just dump cable and satellite and watch shows online!  I haven’t had a TV in-BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…”

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  1. I understand frustration with TV providers, because I’ve had several of them and had a problem at one time or another. Usually fixing the problem goes well but having a problem at all can be upsetting. I’ve had DISH Network for several years now and I’ve only had 2 outages from weather. I live in Denver, and believe it or not it doesn’t snow that often. Hard wet snow is the biggest problem, especially in the fall or spring when it is warmer. All in all my employee service works great though and I get good signal to begin with which makes all the difference in the world. Besides, the savings alone makes it worth while to me.

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