What’s Really Important In This Season…

Need proof that warriors defending Christmas are just craven mercenaries?  That they don’t really believe in their cause?  Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is upset that a YMCA opted to have Frosty the Snowman instead of Santa Clause.  He sees it as an attack on Christmas.  Mind you, most of my life has been hearing Christians complain that Santa is a distraction from the true meaning of Christmas-that Christmas is about something more than what Santa represent.  But yet, now it is a travesty to not have Santa at a YMCA event.  Yeah, no one ever said that sham “War on Christmas” crap was logical.

The really amazing thing to me about it all is that Christianity-which gave it’s followers no education in being the majority (read the bible-it is an exercise in how to deal with being an outcast) has managed to become a major force and world power unmatched.  It became so big, it’s religious holidays overran the western world.  But not that you would know it by the cries of American Christians.  You would think Christians are an oppressed minority.  As if people flood stores to buy Kwanzaa gifts.  Everyone knows that the major celebrations are tied to Christmas.  But that is not good enough for these War on Christmas types.  They want the less popular holiday/religious classes to cower and apologize and say Merry Christmas.  If Christianity has learned anything over the past 2000 years, here in the west, it seems like it is “How to Be a Bully”.

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