Allowing Gays To Serve Openly Means Means The End Of America

Something I noticed in the DADT debates is that the people opposing it are willing to argue some really outlandish things.  More than one Conservative commentator has made the comment that allowing gays to serve openly will result in pink uniforms.  Seriously, I have seen more than one person argue that, somehow, repealing DADT means also repealing all military rules.  Uniform standards?  Out the window!  It will become a fashion show!  In some cases I am sure they thought they were being funny, yet they were not making an argument for repeal, so it is hard to get their point as humor.  It seems there are a number of conservatives that believe that the only thing keeping gay soldiers from making their uniforms sparkly and FABU-lous is DADT.  You got it people.  If DADT, soldiers will suddenly start dressing like they are on RuPaul’s Drag U or Klinger from M.A.S.H.*

I’ve seen an argument that we do not need to hear who a soldier slept with the night before.  And you are right.  But then, to apply this logic, soldiers should not inform anyone they are married or heterosexuals either.  I haven’t met a heterosexual soldier who refuses to tell people about his exploits with the ladies.  Heterosexual soldiers are not expected to keep their relationships a secret (outside of affairs-which I believe can still get you booted out).

I have heard that allowing DADT to be repealed will result in rampant gay rape.  Gay soldiers will be unable to control themselves and get their rape on.  Yes, because the only thing keeping them in check?  DADT.  Gays just can’t help it.  This is easily the most insulting** of the things I have heard, because the implication is that gays are somehow less capable of self control with their sexuality.

The only arguments I have heard that make some kind of sense are from people who actually support repeal, but feel it needs to be a transition.  But the people outright against repeal?  They prefer to rely on absurdities.

*Which proves that these people did not get the joke…if Gays were allowed to serve openly, Klinger would not have been wearing dresses and other non-regulation outfits.  It is specifically because he thought doing so would get him kicked out of the military.

**I would say the second most insulting is the odd notion that gay soldiers do not take pride in their uniform and service and are just chomping at the bit to break out a bedazzler or something.

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