Brave, Brave Butterfly…

Just a sample…


Tell us your story, Butterfly
Or if you have no voice, let me try.
I barely knew you, even though we were the same,
once upon a time.

They caught a flash of wings, they looked away.
God only knows what went through your heart that day
so that a caterpillar grew around you,
a place to hide.

But that didn’t keep you from arriving on the scene
with the magic of a kingdom never seen.
It was strange and terrifying to me,
but I recall no crying coming from you,
brave brave butterfly.

You had a vision. You dreamed a dream.
You had a love they would not let you claim.
So there you stayed, dressed like a caterpillar
safely tucked away.

Well there’s gonna be a time when humankind will realize
it’s a butterfly that has their father’s eyes.

How many hearts (no one knows) are buried under streets of gold?
No one asked, no one told,
and I had no other place to go,
but there you were, a shining star through that amazing scene
with the magic of a kingdom never seen.
It was strange. It struck me blind.
Was it you, trying to find a way to fly?
Brave brave butterfly.

Ric Alba, 2010


(full song is available on iTunes…)

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