I’ll Show You!

The message here is clear: 1) Your government believes that you are an idiot and a child. 2) Your government knows what is best for you. 3) Defy your government at your own (mortal) peril.

More on how you can’t be trusted to make your own decisions here.

I’ve been an on-and-off smoker since college, but recently quit cold turkey and haven’t had a drag in a month. Now I’m thinking about starting up again.

Daniel Foster for the National Review Online

Yes.  He is suggesting taking back up a habit that is harmful to himself to stick it to the Man because the Man requires warning labels on dangerous products.  In an effort to help people like Daniel, I am going to suggest some other ways to really stick it to the Man.

1.Drive a motorcyle really fast with no helmet.

2. Stick your head in a bailer and hit the on button.

3. Dive head first into a wood chipper

4.Light firecrackers in your mouth.  Maybe a couple M-80’s.

5.Drink a bottle of anti-freeze.

6.Plug in a radio or some electrical devise and take it in the shower with you.

7.Turn on the burner on your stove and place your hand on it.

8.Reach underneath a running lawn mower.

9.Huff paint.

10.Drink Coke and eat pop rocks at the same time.

These things will really put the Man and his Nanny State in their place!

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