Let’s Ban This Thing That Won’t Happen Anyways

There is a state that shall go un-named (*cough* Oklahoma*cough*)that had on Tuesday’s ballot an initiative to ban Sharia Law.  Mind you, Sharia Law has not been attempted to be institutionalized in that state… or any other state for that matter.

Sure, Sharron Angle claimed there were places in the United States that were practicing Sharia Law.  But that should indicate that this is a lot of paranoia over nothing.

Sharia Law is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution.  I know this might stun some people.  But apparently, this thing known as the Establishment Clause in the Constitution totally forbids any establishment or unreasonable infringement of Religion.  People point to Britain as their defense.  Gee, a country that has had centuries of state established religion (they still have blasphemy laws, folks) would allow religious law to co-exist with their legal system.  Shocking.

It is beyond unlikely Sharia law could get established in the U.S., and pretty much impossible that it would become the rule of the land?  Why?  Because, and I know I am repeating myself, but hey:

Sharia Law is incompatable with the U.S. Constitution.

You know what else is incompatable with the Constitution?  The Ten Commandments.  That pesky establishment clause ruins everybodys fun.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Ban This Thing That Won’t Happen Anyways Leave a comment

  1. To work REALLY hard to be fair – blue laws were inconsistent with establishment clause but lasted for years.
    Still, how many Muslims ARE there in Oklahoma? Yeesh.

  2. Dont Christians outnumber Muslims in the US by about 130 to 1?

    And you really want to prevent Sharia law, I’d keep my eye on some of the far-right tea party people. Some of their attitudes toward women’s rights seem more consistent with Sharia law than, say, Pelosi’s or Obama’s.

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