It’s Possible…

Palin believes she could beat Obama in 2012.  I think she is right.  It is certainly possible.  After all, if the headlines on all the newspapers a week before the election say: President Barack Obama drinks the blood of children and kills puppies in sacrifice to Satan!!! And they have … Continue Reading It’s Possible…

The Manchurian Lunatic

Part 1 George Soros Plans to Overthrow America , posted with vodpod And Part 2…I love when he goes all Beck… The Manchurian Lunatic , posted with vodpod  

[Adult Spin]

Apparently all Republicans have gotten the memo… [Adult Spin] – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart …, posted with vodpod  

I’ll Show You!

The message here is clear: 1) Your government believes that you are an idiot and a child. 2) Your government knows what is best for you. 3) Defy your government at your own (mortal) peril. More on how you can’t be trusted to make your own decisions here. I’ve been … Continue Reading I’ll Show You!