Geez, Reunions Suck

Bloody Reunion is a violent and bloody affair.  I assume.  From the disc art.  And kind of confusing.  I think.  But I am not sure.

It opens with someone’s entire life summed up as “you’re born, get married, have a kid and then kill yourself.”  Apparently.  I could have missed something.

Then we meet cops.  This includes the rather standard cop character frustrated that he has to take on a mass murder case just days before retirement.  Sucks to be him.  I mean, those victims?  They have no worries anymore.  But this might delay retirement.

Then it flashes back… I think…to a bunch of friends or family getting together.  And this is with subtitles, folks.  I still do not understand what’s happening.  But I suspect some violence is coming.

I think I figured it out…it is a teacher reunited with her students.  And either she or one of the students has split from reality.  I suspect that eventually…some violence is about to happen.

And there was a kid that was deformed  and wears a rabbit mask kept in the basement….by the teacher.  I think it was her kid. And it was her husband who killed himself…because what is worse than having a baby that isn’t adorable.

Hey!  Somebody in a rabbit mask just slashed a guy on the beach.  And then?  He kills the guy by art!

Each kid reveals a story that makes you think this teacher was a jerk.  She made fun of each kid’s gifts.  You know what you do not do?  Make fun of a gift a little kid made for you.  That’s a punk move.  And I think she molested one of the boys.

There is death by hand held stapler, death by ants, death by eye gouging, death by… well, you get the picture.  There is a surprise as to who the killer is… and then a major twist.  But the moral of the story is “life is hard.”  Seriously.  Someone basically says “Sometime living is harder.”  But it still only makes partial sense.  I think.  And I am still more or less lost at the end of the film.  But it was bloody and violent.  A little?

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