Some People Bug Me…

Tom Six, director of of the Human Centipede is a strange me.  I confess, never have I had such a concept enter my my brain.  Frankly, I failed to see how the film could carry an hour and a half.  But then, Eli Roth managed to do it twice.

The film is about a mad German doctor who plans to take over the world (although filmed in the Netherlands, the two lead women are American tourists who claim to be in Germany).  Okay, not really.  His plan is to surgically attach people mouth to anus.  And Create a human centipede.  I have no understanding why, as I hate non-human centipedes.

Dieter Laser (who has a movie on his resume called- I kid you not-Suck My Dick) is certainly over the top as mad Dr. Heiter, one of the world’s foremost specialists in separating conjoined twins.  His calmness when explaining the medical procedure he has planned is certainly discomforting.  And his plan is revolting.

While much of the film is grotesque, this is pretty much all  it has going for it.  It is, in fact, dull and boring for grand stretches of time.  The film does not move forward, as, once the operation is done, all tension bleeds out and you wait for it to end-without much concern for how it will play out.  Certainly, you have an obvious sympathy for Dr. Heiter’s victims…but where can the story go?  This is just not my style of horror…like Roger Ebert…I just feel it is what it is…and so absurd it is hard to decry it as some new terrible line that has been crossed.  It is what it is…and apparently you can buy the Blu-Ray at Target…

(but I don’t need it in my collection)

Maybe the sequel will be more endearing?

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