The Keeping It Classy Files: Case 289

Man…that James O’Keefe kid is still just all class.

So, basically, he was trying to embarrass CNN and this anchor woman.  It appears he planned to seduce her and film it-them humiliate them with it.  Really?  I mean…really???

This screams fail on so many levels.  But two that seem really important?

1.O’Keefe might be over estimating his ability to seduce women.  If not, maybe they could give him a show on VH1.

2. The point of the “gag”?

These things usually have a point of testing the reaction of the person they are perpetrated on.  But this is not the case here.  It’s simply to humiliate CNN.  It does not really have the purpose of exposing CNN as fraudulent.  And if the point is that CNN hires vapid but attractive women to sell news…was he targeting Fox next?

Back when he was a Fox News darling (specifically with the Acorn videos), James claimed to be a progressive.  He argued he was a journalist who was trying to expose Acorn.  He spoke as activist.  He was supposedly trying to make a difference.

But his behavior since shows he was merely a prankster who had pretensions of being an activist.  He breaks laws, attempts to destroy careers (as he succeeded with Acorn) and claiming it’s for some noble purpose or end.  He thinks he is something he is not.  He does not realize he is just a court jester without class.

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  1. What’s really funny is Huffington Post describes a part of his script for the video where he gives his justification for why he’s trying to seduce her.

    “they want to portray me and my friends as crazies, as non-journalists, as unprofessional and likely as homophobes, racists or bigots of some sort…”

    Now, maybe one can argue on ‘homophobes racists or bigots’ part, but I think Mr. O’Keefe has proven beyond all doubt that “Crazy” “Non-Journalist” and “Unprofessional” are all pretty dang accurate descriptions of him.

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