The Empty Bleacher

I caught a bit on the news this morning about a baseball player lamenting the lack of fans in the stands at their games.  I get that teams get extra drive when there are more fans to cheer them on.  But I cannot help but ask…


Do pro-sports teams live in that big of a bubble?  I suspect most people are like me…where they seek the best deal for entertainment they can find.  Most often, that is no longer sporting events or movies.  Admittedly, I was never one for going to many sporting events anyways…but I know that I have to plan far ahead and save money if I plan to see a movie.  Otherwise I wait for Netflix.

It seems unrealistic of athletes (or any other entertainers) to lament as if this is just fans not coming out to support their teams… if the economy starts moving faster on it’s upswing, I suspect people will spend a bit more freely.

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  1. but some markets are better than others. The NY Giants and Green Bay Packers and the football team from Washington sell out . Yes, there is the the economy, but even in the best of times, and even with a quality team (Tampa Bay Rays) some teams just can’t draw.

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