Corruption? Or Punishing the Successful?

So, in California, the citizens cheered as the entire city council was hauled away in chains.  The mayor and seven city council member misappropriated a mere $5.5 Million.  Some of the council members were part time and making the barely survivable amount of $100,000 a year.  They Mayor was making $800,000 a year.

And I ask you…why are we punishing people merely for being successful?  First off, in California? $800,000 is like getting $35,000 a year in Wisconsin.  And you had people being asked to try and get by on $100,000?!

The citizens were not very understanding, demanding punishment for breaking the law.  I mean, that is just outrageous!  You work hard to bilk the city and then you see the fruits of your labor destroyed by a hateful public?!  It’s sad….sad I tell you.

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