Need a Hand?

A lot of people want to focus on the whole masturbation thing with Christine O’Donnell.  For those who have not heard, about a decade back, Christine appeared on MTV promoting her conservative Christian group dedicated to sexual purity (S.A.L.T.).  A big deal has been made by some about her stance that masturbation is bad-because it cannot be done without lust.  She also makes the comment (in regards to masturbation) that “if he already knows what he likes, what I am doing in the picture.”

That led to a tasteless but pointed Daily Show joke.  I mean, it is a pretty air headed statement that shows a lack of understanding about men.  If every man to ever masturbate was doing so because he didn’t feel a need for a woman in the picture…there wouldn’t be many people hooking up.  I think most heterosexual men would choose sex with a woman over a date with themselves.

What concerns me is that people seem to be making a bigger deal about this than they should.  It’s a really poor attack point.  First, her take on the issue is hardly rare or unique.  I’ve known many Christians that would agree that due to lust, masturbation is  sinful behavior.  She also has not campaigned on it as any sort of policy.  So, making a big deal of it (beyond just kind of being an amusing bit in her past) is really more likely to just fire up her supporters.

There are good and legitimate reasons to be opposing O’Donnell. The strongest is she is a terrible money manager.  And since her supporters, including Sarah Palin, are pushing her as a cure to fiscal irresponsiblity, that matters.  It is not dirty politics to look at her history with money when she is supposed to be the “fiscal responsibility candidate.”

Of course, O’Donnell has never won any nomination or election until now…and while she may be able to capture the vote within the ranks of Republicans, it remains to be seen if someone who lost to Biden can pull in a majority of the vote in a general election.

And hey, mock away about how two years ago she championed the idea of  Barack Obama as the best guy for the GOP to run against…why?

Yup.  She said:

“Barack Obama because he is so liberal, he is anti-American. He did not vote for English as the official language!”

So, there is plenty to deal with, that is relevant.  Lets not focus on a minor detail like her opinions on masturbation.  It is missing the point.  There is plenty of worse things she has said.

Like this:

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  1. One should be celebate in singleness and monogamous in marriage. seems that masturbation sure beats use of prostitution or adultery in the hierarchy.

    aybe I shouldn’t used the verb “beats”.

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