Burn, Burn, Burn (To Everything a Season)

Tomorrow on 9/11, Pamela Geller plans a Park 51 protest against the wishes of 9/11 families and “Pastor” Terry Jones & the Dove World Outreach plans to burn 1,000 Korans.

I support their right to do it.  That said, I would support someone planning to burn Bibles or flags.  I am consistent about this.

I disagree with them for doing it.  Remember the Koran flushing story?  That was not true and incited protests anyways.  So, Americans setting Korans on fire is not likely to do us any good.

One of the big defenses of the opposition to Park51 is “sensitivity”.  But the 9/11 families have asked that 9/11 be treated with somber remembrance, not a crass political opportunity.  So… what exactly is sensitive about ignoring 9/11 families requesting you not protests on their day of remembrance.

These are unwise choices they are making.

They are douchebags for doing these things.  But douchebags acting fully in their rights of free speech.

Update:  I typed this up on the eight…at the end of the day on the 9th?  Jones canceled the burning.  But he’s still a douchebag.  Because his absurd defense for canceling was the claim that Park51 is being moved.  And then whining that he was lied to when it was revealed no such promise was made.

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