I Really Didn’t Build It For Me…

The Reluctant Prophet is a popular stance in the west (and especially the United States).  The Reluctant Prophet is that person who takes time to say to their listeners how they are not doing what they are doing out of choice.  They would rather be out fishing.  But God (or some other force) has compelled them in a way they cannot say “no.”  Of course, the reality is, all Reluctant Prophets chose their Calling (rather than their Calling choosing them).  They willingly stepped into the spotlight to preach their message.

Contrast that to prophets of old.  People who not only did not want their Calling, but often cowered and tried to avoid it.  Following through brought them shame, humiliation at the hands of the public and even death.  Today’s Reluctant Prophets run to their calling with arms open (all the while telling you they would rather be on a boat fishing or relaxing reading a book in their green home).  They tend to profit, sacrifice little and get adored by masses.  Sure, some people might poke fun at them… but do you think Glenn Beck loses sleep over what Keith Olbermann says?

The Reluctant Prophet has fame, riches and plenty of people to praise them (these days the praise is that they are “common sense” type of folks-if there is one thing people said of prophets, it sure was never “He has such a common sense message!”).  The Reluctant Prophet is everything real prophets never had to face.  Plus, Reluctant Prophets might have to face embarrassment when they are revealed to be a sham…but hey, the penalty for being a false prophet used to be getting stoned.  And not in a fun way.

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