Everything Would Be Easier If We All Believed the Exact Same Thing…

I confess, I find the idea of “if the nation would just allow itself to be united under Christ” an interesting (but highly flawed) notion. Considering the Church cannot get unite under Christ, why would we think a nation of even more diverse beliefs could be plausible?  Besides, we see what happens when the Church has power…it wields it badly.

Plus, such sentiments smack of “Boy, if only Bob Dylan would get saved, then the whole world would have to believe!”  And so Bob got saved… and things moved along as they did before.

Holding out for Superman to get Jesus.

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4 thoughts on “Everything Would Be Easier If We All Believed the Exact Same Thing… Leave a comment

  1. Of course, “the same” is SO limited. Beck had that anti-Catholic Hagy at the event Saturday. So it must look like a Protestant/Mormon blend of apocalyptic Americanism.

  2. The thing that cracks me up is the whole “Those evil Muslims want to make everyone convert to Islam!” and then just a few seconds later “The world would be so much better and more peaceful if everyone were Christian” (particularly of whichever sect of Christianity that person subscribes to).

    And there’s never any trace of irony.

  3. The other thing that kills me is that many of these people is that they’re the same ones who get their nuts in a bunch if a sales clerk at their local Kohls store wishes them “happy holidays” during the Christmas season. To them, THAT’S religious persecution, but trying to prevent Muslims from constructing a building where they can express their faith somehow doesn’t qualify.

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