The Christian Model(s) of Marriage

Huffington Post published this rather pointed article on the Christian Model of Marriage.

I am interested in the point that so many of the Bible verses used in weddings is not actually about marital love and relationships.  Also a good point is the Bible is hardly consistent on marriage and what it is about.  For Jesus, it is the bringing together of two people. The Old Testament is much more utilitarian about it (let’s not forget the Old Testament penalty for rape is to have the rapist marry his victim).  And Paul?  He sees marriage more of something you do if you are not strong enough to abstain from sex (seriously, Paul’s take on marriage is more of “necessary evil” than a sacrament).

All in all, a very thoughtful and interesting article.

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  1. Serriously: I think the proper way to address those people who want only, “Christian, Bible-based” marriage is to call people on it. “Find me the passages!”
    Yes, Paul is seemingly anti-marriage (his words are also the rationale of the single priesthood a millennium AFTER Christ).

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