Because The Minnesota GOP Stays Classy

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It’s interesting to me that they rely heavily on Hollywood and Fox Personalities (shocking-a network focuses on attractive female hosts).  They are almost all posed photos.  On the other hand, the Democratic women are candid shots and photo-shopped images.  Candid shots often catch people in mid-speaking or mid-movement.  Nobody takes a good picture that way.  It’s why I hate “Stars Without Makeup” comparisons pics… anyone looks better when they pose for a picture.  And photo-shopping womens’ heads on to Saddam Hussein’s body?  That’s keeping it classy.  I notice that they also mostly avoid Hollywood actresses for the Democrats.  I wonder how that would look?

Scarlett Johannson
Jessica Alba
Ashley Judd
Angelina Jolie
Salma Hayek
Hayden Pantierre
Bridget Bardot
Charlize Theron
Alyssa Milano
Cameron Diaz
Eliza Dushku
Natalie Portman
Jessica Biel
Heather Graham
Jennifer Garner

That’s just a small list.  Afterall, 99% of Hollywood is liberal-right?  I bet that easily 89% of Maxim’s Hot 100 list is liberal/Democrat.

And sorry, Palin and Bachman’s personalities and questionable intelligence makes them unappealing.  Gretchen Carlson is to annoying and willing to play ultra-dumb for the Fox and Friends Audience.  Laura Ingram is debatable.  And why do Republicans insist on claiming Ann Coulter is desirable?  And yet, I feel mean for pointing that stuff out.  Why?

The problem here is?  “Our Ladies Are Hotter” is disrespectful to both the “hot” women and the “ugly” women.  It officially declares the only really important thing about a woman is how hot she is.  Not her personality, knowledge or talent.  Just her “hotness”.  It’s more than a little pathetic.

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  1. Yeah I actually facepalmed when I saw this elsewhere.

    The whole ‘Our gals are hotter” argument is just pathetic for all the reasons you listed.

    Although, if I may be a shallow guy for a moment.

    Your list of actress Democrats is missing one of my favorites.

    Sophia Bush.

    Sophia Bush is so good looking to me whatever side she’s on instantly wins a “this side has the hottest women” contest.

    She supported Obama during the election, is part of the No H8 campaign to support marriage equality.
    She’s also ecologically active, supporting clean energy and doing benefits for those effected by the oil spill.

    I just had to mention her, because she’s one of the young actresses I can say I really genuinely respect for the way she consistently stands up for her (liberal) ideas.

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