Epix Flix on the Net…

So, today it was announced that Netflix and the Premium cable channel Epix have partnered to bring additional content to Netflix’s Watch Instantly option.  This is similar to their deal with Starz*.  I have not seen Epix, other than in some promos in some Blu-Rays I have purchased. Epix has a deal for first run of from Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  This will mean even more films available for download.  There is a 90 grace period between airing on Epix, but I see this as a win for Netflix users.  Apparently, we will start having access in just a few weeks  (September 1st).

*One of my great annoyances is how Comcast has the tiered pricing bundles set up.  At the most basic, you get Starz automatically.  My setup is Starz and HBO.  But, I would happily drop Starz, since I have access to their movies through Netflix.  But can I just drop Starz and keep HBO for the basic pricing?  No.  I have to keep Starz to keep HBO in the Tripleplay Bundle.

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