A Most Ambitious RockTV

I remember hearing Peter and Todd telling me about this idea about six years ago (and apparently they have been thinking of it for about nine or so years).  I think we even talked about attempting it a few years back, but it just did not happen.  A few months back, I got a request from Peter to create drawings of the non-He-Man characters.  After communications with Will Hines (A new Rock TV Co-Leader) who would do the hard work of creating the animation, I basically created “pose-able” figures.

I initially planned to base them on the bulky He-Man style characters, but then thought it might be interesting to use G.I. Joe as the model.  I did make the customer bulkier than a G.I. Joe character, but other than that…

I had no idea how all this would come together…but I confess to really enjoying the end result.

Posted in: Humor

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