Free Naptime…

A couple years ago, I did artwork for my Friend Peter Welle’s album the Silent Era.  Recently, Peter asked me to create artwork for an EP he was putting together.

As I have longed to do more CD cover art, I jumped at the opportunity.  Peter gave me his ideas, and I came up with a couple mock ups, one based on Peter’s suggestion, and then one I had thought of while working on the original concept.  I did a rough sketch of Peter and a rough sketch of artwork that appears on the wall of his son Oliver’s room.  We ended up going with the second image, and to my surprise, we stuck with the rough sketched, rather than refining them.  The end result was this:

Final CoverThe eight songs, recorded while his son napped, cover a range of emotions.  There is Grace Appears, about the heartache of miscarriage (and finding hope even in tragedy) which is juxtaposed with the nervous anticipation of Wearing Weeks Away.  It’s a wonderful (though short) collection of songs and I am proud to have been a part of it.

You can download the songs, the artwork and Peter’s notes regarding the songs right here.  Or you can buy it at iTunes.  You know…it’s your call.

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