She’s Out of My League

Just How Out of My League?Or, the review where I direct you to someone Else’s review.

I thought it would be good synchronicity to review this after reviewing How to Make Love to a Woman, as they both feature Krysten Ritter.  But really, everything I have to say, good or bad, about the film is covered here.  Heck…right down to Johanna’s point that while conventionally attractive, she isn’t the time stopper the film wants us to see her as.  Yeah, she is attractive…and she probably is out of my league… but the movie oversells her Great and Untouchable Beauty.  But Johanna hits all the positives (Baruchel, Molly as character-not just plot device, the naive married buddy) and negatives (wanting us to laugh at the sexist treatment of Molly at first, and then sympathize with her about how she is treated).  It’s a good read.

I am not saying she is ugly...

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