I Rank the Choir Albums

This is my completely personal listing of the Choir’s albums.  As I like them all, this by no means is a best to worst or anything.  But it should be taken as Gospel Truth…

12.Voices In Shadows

11.Shades of Grey

10.Speckled Bird

9.Diamonds and Rain

8.Free Flying Soul

7.Flap Your Wings

6.Kissers and Killers

5.Wide Eyed Wonder

4.O How the Mighty Have Fallen

3.Burning Like the Midnight Sun

2. Chase the Kangaroo album that made me first take notice.  It sounded like nothing I had ever heard before.

1. Circle Slide:  The perfect mix of the previous two albums.  Full of Gems.  That dreamy loop of the opening (and title) track is a groove that sucks  you in.

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